Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Boring routine

It’s almost 2 months since I get to Shanghai. Many people had been asking, “So how are you in Shanghai?” “Got party arr?” etc etc.
Actually, this is pretty much my routine every day.

8am Wake up, go to work.
7.30pm Off work (hehe, yes peeps, I usually finish work at 7.30pm. Very very seldom have
to work late, don’t jealous. )
9pm Will be watching TV with a packet of snacks. Mostly ordered in my dinner.
10.30pm Waiting to talk to my fatty. (Is either he calls me or I call him la).
11.30pm Lights off. Sleeping time. (See how I get 8 hours of beauty sleep daily)

Freaking boring right? Yeah, that’s usually my weekday.

11am Can sleep till anytime I want cause I will spend most of the day at home. Why not
sleep sleep sleep.
12pm Order-in-lunch. In shanghai, you can order delivery pretty much from any
restaurant. Since I am a lazy bum, so this order in business is something that I like
about this place.
3pm Sleepy after watching TVand surfing the net. Will be falling asleep at the couch.
7pm Dinner time. Haha, order in again!
11pm Sleep sleep sleeping time.

Ok, you might think that “What, you sleep through your whole weekend not doing anything at all?!” Ok, not really all weekends la, there are some weekends where I will spend some time doing cleaning, do some grocery shopping, also will be calling my mom and dad and aunt and sis just to catch up, and also calling and sms-ing my fatty love the whole day! Hahahahah, just love bugging him!

But from last week onwards, I will have to come into the office every Sunday for a 3 months training. I don't quite mind it since I have nothing to do anyway, but come to think of it, there are taking away my precious lazy-around-doing-nothing time.

So yeah, this is what I have accomplished so far in Shanghai! So for you who want to visit and hope that I can bring you around, I advise that you do your own research.

Anyway, this Friday I am going out for dinner and drinking! It’s Jessie’s birthday and she wants to get drunk, so “Shanghai here we come!” We will also go shopping on Saturday!

Finally, something to look forward to. (After Jo's last visit)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Why can't I throw toilet paper into the toilet bowl?

Seriously, I have this question in my mind every time I use the toilet in Shanghai.

Here, I gotta throw toilet paper into the paper basket. I can't throw it into the toilet bowl and flush it off just like how I always do it in Malaysia. Apparently it will clog up the toilet bowl.

But why? Why is it that I can throw it into toilet bowl in Malaysia and can't in China? Why the China toilet bowl so bad is it? Or is it the paper in China? So damm thick is it?

Well, maybe coz it's made in China.

Super duper long public holiday!

It was the China Golden Holiday whole of last week. When they say golden, it is really really something precious. It’s a full on 8 days of public holiday back to back ok! Most we can get in Malaysia is 2 days (Raya, CNY) and that also we are so happy with it. So you can imagine my excitement when I found out that we get 8 days public holidays! (No jealous jealous guys)

My friend Josephine came to visit from the 1st to the 5th Oct. Nice nice, someone to keep me company!
Well I was suppose to be the host, since I am living here right, but she knows the place more than I do (she stayed in Shanghai for 1 month), so she ended up bringing me around. So paiseh.

Josephine and me, taking a cab.

Ok, even though she knows the place, but it is still not like she knows it damm well. So most of the time before we leave the house, I will be surfing the net looking for ways to get to this location etc. And seriously, it can be pretty frustrating. Because of some inaccurate information, we actually ended up at different parts of the world. Ok not so serious, but yes we did get lost once. Maybe more than once. ;P

So at times when we need help, we call “our new best friend”. Who is she? Hehe...

Me: Aiyo, some said here got fireworks today, some said don’t have. How to know who is right
and who is not? Don’t they have like a tourist hotline that we can call to find out about this
tourist thingi?
Jo: I think they do. (search search search and got the number)
Me: (Dial the number). Hi, can I know where do you have fireworks today?
Then, I was just expecting her to give me one place that has fireworks today, but the operator gave me one venue, and another, and another and another. She gave me 6 venues in total ok! I think there are more because I stopped her. And those are venues within my area, so can you imagine how many venues are there in total in the whole of China.

Since the hotline is so helpful, so me and Jo ended up calling them every single time we need help, from how to take a cab to a certain place, to which subway stop is the nearest etc. Yeah, our new best friend. :)

So anyway, we did lots of stuff la, not too many as well if you think of it actually.
Details will be coming up!