Monday, October 12, 2009

Why can't I throw toilet paper into the toilet bowl?

Seriously, I have this question in my mind every time I use the toilet in Shanghai.

Here, I gotta throw toilet paper into the paper basket. I can't throw it into the toilet bowl and flush it off just like how I always do it in Malaysia. Apparently it will clog up the toilet bowl.

But why? Why is it that I can throw it into toilet bowl in Malaysia and can't in China? Why the China toilet bowl so bad is it? Or is it the paper in China? So damm thick is it?

Well, maybe coz it's made in China.


  1. Hahaha... This entry is so funny and so true... Just don't get it either.. I have been to Xiamen and they make me do the same... Toilets in China are pretty gross... Shanghai not so bad but dont even step one toe into the country side! Its TERRIBLE!

  2. Hey Kheng,

    I've heard that toilets in China are prety gross overall, luckily I am staying in SH.