Friday, September 25, 2009

Dogs pupu

One thing that I have observed in Shanghai is that they love dogs! I always see people walking their dogs in the evening, and 90% are toy dogs. Although they walk there dogs, I never really see dogs pupu in the road side. Hmmmm...this is because they clean up their dogs pupu! They don't just leave their dog shit around the place and let it turn into fertilizer on the road. Somemore people tell me that Shanghai people will take their pants off and pupu whenever they feel like it. They will pick it up using plastic bags and throw it in the bin. I have seen it with my own eyes.

I am ashame, because I am one of them that leaves the pupu to dry on the road. Are you?

Never take things for granted

My move to Shanghai has made me realize one very important fact. Do not never ever take things for granted. Always appreciate what you have.

I never really complain about life (ok I do sometimes, not enough money la, politics issues la), but I am also never really grateful about what I have. I never know that things that I have all these while are so important to me, till now, because I do not have it with me.

I miss my family, my granny, my aunties, my Bonnie girl, my Kitty baby and the person I miss the most, my love of my life. It’s not that he was not important to me when I have him around, but not having him around makes me feel so so so so empty, sometimes is like I do not know what to do without him. I called him so many times when I went to Ikea that day because I just can’t make the decision on my own.

I know this is really tough for us, I know he feels the same too, but we will try and face it and handle it as much as we can, because we know we have each other, we have each other in our hearts.

I miss you baby love.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Hmmm, what's next?

Well, I am done for the day, at 8pm. People finish work quite earlier here (maybe it’s just my agency la). On average, people start leaving the office at 7pm. It’s 8pm here and the whole office is almost empty. Hehe, like what my aunty said, “Now I can see sunset and have a life”. I was shocked at first, how come people finish work so earlier here? I am not use to it at first, but I like it already!

Now the question is, what am I going to do tomorrow. I think I will just sleep in la, and then I’ll have to settle my room stuff. Hehe, I will try take some pictures and share with you ok.

I will be having lunch with a colleague on Sunday. She is from Beijing and she is alone here as well. Good la, two lonely souls enjoying each other company.

At least I have something to do over the weekend.
Better enjoy the weekend while I can, next week is going to be super super busy.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Mandarin speaking expert

Due to the fact that I am communicating with everyone in Mandarin, I find that I slowly have the tendency in talking like them. Hehe, Peks the Cina Moi talking like Cina Moi. Haha.

Seriously, I am so glad that I can speak the language. I can’t understand how some Guailo can survive here without speaking the language. I mean how do you interact with people? Yes some locals speak English too, but they always switch to their mother tongue.

Even though I am not that good in my Mandarin, but talking to them on a daily basis has already improved my speaking skill! Haha…next time I come back, I can speak like a Mandarin expert already.

It’s 12am now and I am really tired and sleepy already. Plus tomorrow have to be in the office at 9am. L

Oh well, goodnight everyone. I should be leaving the office soon.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I found a place!

Finally! After days of searching and miles of walking, I have finally found a place that is within my budget, at a pretty decent neighbourhood, within walking distance to the office, and most importantly, I feel good about the place.

The place is in a super mess right now, because the owner still has some rubbish and leftover in the place. But they will clean up the whole place for me before I move in. The sofa is in a bad shape hence the owner will buy a new one. Hmmm…I am thinking maybe I can buy something, which is within the owner budget. Since he is buying a new sofa, why not I buy it right? At least it will be something that I will like. hehehe

Peeps! The place has an additional room ok! So yeah, you can just come over and stay there. I will make sure to get another mattress. The living room is quite spacious too, it can fit in a couple of people there as well. So come visit me. The more the merrier.

I will be able to move into the place before 10 Sep. Then I will take some pictures and share with you all ok. Looks like I will be spending my weekend shopping at Ikea next weekend. The place is fully furnished, but I still want to jazz the place up with some small little furniture, like lamp etc. I need to make the place my home right? Afterall, I am going to be staying there for 1 year (at least). I also need to get a new mattress. I don’t think I can sleep on the existing mattress they have right now.

I am actually damm impress with myself. Manage to get a 2 room apartment within my budget. Haha, Peks the champs!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Update from Shanghai

I have been trying to share my hotel room pictures with everyone, but the connection is just so so bad. Nice le? Not bad right?

Well just a simple update, I am doing good so far. It’s my 2nd day of work, colleagues are not bad. Only thing is that I am sitting directly under the air-conditioning. Knowing me and how I’m always in a jacket in the office, I think I need to wear mittens in the office. Hehe, I remember Adeline use to do that when she was still with Maxis. Now it’s my turn. I am freezing as I am typing this ok.

My new boss is ok so far, but one thing is that he has a very serious looking face. He doesn’t smile very much. I am still behaving like a normal person ok, have not reveal my craziness yet. Anyway, I think people here are all quite serious, so I don’t know when I will be able to be my true self.

I am already writing job reqs ok. I mean “writing” – using pen and paper. Their job req form is like a receipt book, you write and then tear it off and pass it to traffic. It’s kinda weird but it saves paper for sure. And yes, their job req is in Chinese, but mine is rojak language la of course – English and Chinese. My team, including creative all understands English, so it is not too bad. Trust me guys, by the time I visit you guys, my Chinese speaking will be damm kau ‘keng’ ok. These people speak with their ‘rrrr’’’rrrrr’’’’rr’. After listening to them, I think I also have the tendency on talking like them.

One plus point is that there is this girl name Alison, sits right behind me, she is from Taipei, but grew up in LA, hence obviously speaks English. We kinda get along, so that is pretty cool. I think the main reason is just that she speaks English. Hehe.

I should be getting my new number tomorrow or the day after peeps. I will announce it on Facebook or MSN ok.