Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Mandarin speaking expert

Due to the fact that I am communicating with everyone in Mandarin, I find that I slowly have the tendency in talking like them. Hehe, Peks the Cina Moi talking like Cina Moi. Haha.

Seriously, I am so glad that I can speak the language. I can’t understand how some Guailo can survive here without speaking the language. I mean how do you interact with people? Yes some locals speak English too, but they always switch to their mother tongue.

Even though I am not that good in my Mandarin, but talking to them on a daily basis has already improved my speaking skill! Haha…next time I come back, I can speak like a Mandarin expert already.

It’s 12am now and I am really tired and sleepy already. Plus tomorrow have to be in the office at 9am. L

Oh well, goodnight everyone. I should be leaving the office soon.

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