Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I found a place!

Finally! After days of searching and miles of walking, I have finally found a place that is within my budget, at a pretty decent neighbourhood, within walking distance to the office, and most importantly, I feel good about the place.

The place is in a super mess right now, because the owner still has some rubbish and leftover in the place. But they will clean up the whole place for me before I move in. The sofa is in a bad shape hence the owner will buy a new one. Hmmm…I am thinking maybe I can buy something, which is within the owner budget. Since he is buying a new sofa, why not I buy it right? At least it will be something that I will like. hehehe

Peeps! The place has an additional room ok! So yeah, you can just come over and stay there. I will make sure to get another mattress. The living room is quite spacious too, it can fit in a couple of people there as well. So come visit me. The more the merrier.

I will be able to move into the place before 10 Sep. Then I will take some pictures and share with you all ok. Looks like I will be spending my weekend shopping at Ikea next weekend. The place is fully furnished, but I still want to jazz the place up with some small little furniture, like lamp etc. I need to make the place my home right? Afterall, I am going to be staying there for 1 year (at least). I also need to get a new mattress. I don’t think I can sleep on the existing mattress they have right now.

I am actually damm impress with myself. Manage to get a 2 room apartment within my budget. Haha, Peks the champs!

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