Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Update from Shanghai

I have been trying to share my hotel room pictures with everyone, but the connection is just so so bad. Nice le? Not bad right?

Well just a simple update, I am doing good so far. It’s my 2nd day of work, colleagues are not bad. Only thing is that I am sitting directly under the air-conditioning. Knowing me and how I’m always in a jacket in the office, I think I need to wear mittens in the office. Hehe, I remember Adeline use to do that when she was still with Maxis. Now it’s my turn. I am freezing as I am typing this ok.

My new boss is ok so far, but one thing is that he has a very serious looking face. He doesn’t smile very much. I am still behaving like a normal person ok, have not reveal my craziness yet. Anyway, I think people here are all quite serious, so I don’t know when I will be able to be my true self.

I am already writing job reqs ok. I mean “writing” – using pen and paper. Their job req form is like a receipt book, you write and then tear it off and pass it to traffic. It’s kinda weird but it saves paper for sure. And yes, their job req is in Chinese, but mine is rojak language la of course – English and Chinese. My team, including creative all understands English, so it is not too bad. Trust me guys, by the time I visit you guys, my Chinese speaking will be damm kau ‘keng’ ok. These people speak with their ‘rrrr’’’rrrrr’’’’rr’. After listening to them, I think I also have the tendency on talking like them.

One plus point is that there is this girl name Alison, sits right behind me, she is from Taipei, but grew up in LA, hence obviously speaks English. We kinda get along, so that is pretty cool. I think the main reason is just that she speaks English. Hehe.

I should be getting my new number tomorrow or the day after peeps. I will announce it on Facebook or MSN ok.

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